Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jon sighed heavily as he regarded his reflection in the mirror.  The face staring back at him seemed to have appeared overnight.  Just yesterday the skin around his eyes was smooth and taut, and the only imperfections on his cheeks were the dimples that appeared when he smiled. 

He raised a hand and ran his fingers through the soft fall of hair that dipped down over his forehead.  As he swept it back he winced slightly at the sight of the heavy lines there.  When had his forehead doubled in size?  Jon turned his head to the right, looking sideways at his reflection to evaluate his scalp.  Even the modern, shaggy hairstyle he wore couldn’t completely conceal his receding hairline. 

Jon growled softly as he swept his hand further back, letting his bangs slip through his fingers while his palm lingered momentarily over the thinning spot at the crown of his head.  In a few more years his comb-over wouldn’t be able to hide it. 

When the fuck did this happen?

Jon stared into the reflection of his own eyes.  They were still strikingly blue, but they were no longer fringed with thick, sandy lashes.  The crow’s feet at the corners deepened as he frowned at them.  He knew some women found the lines sexy, but to him they just made him look tired.  And old.

Just older, my ass… he thought with another weary sigh.

Jon’s hand dropped to scratch at a tickle on his pectoral muscle.  His eyes followed the movement.  He let his hand fall to his side as he stared at the reflection of his chest in the mirror.  It was still well-muscled and firm, but the fur blanketing it was now more silver than brown. The little trail of hair that ran down his abdomen past his navel was lighter.  Hell, even his pubes were going gray.

Shaking his head at his vanity but unable to stop himself, Jon stood up straight and sucked in his gut.  He clutched at the towel around his waist as it loosened with the action.  Still holding his breath Jon turned to his right, snugly re-tucking the towel as he moved.  He evaluated his profile in the full-length mirror, noting the soft ridges of his abdominal muscles.  Not long ago they had been chiseled, sharp, perfectly defined.

Jon’s shoulders slumped as he noisily blew out his breath.  He ruefully patted his stomach, remembering when it was perfectly flat and hard as a rock.

Back when he was Beautiful.

A tender smile lingered on Cate’s lips as she watched her husband from the doorway to their master bath.  He hadn’t realized yet that she was there.  Normally he was fully attuned to her presence, but she could see he was preoccupied. 

Jon always got a little melancholy right before he had to leave for a long trip, but she had never seen him quite like this.  A glum expression cloaked his handsome face as he regarded himself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror.  He was clearly considering his own mortality as he evaluated his still-impressive forty-eight-year-old physique.

Cate had some idea what had brought on this moment of wistful self-reflection.  It was the end of the band’s tour break.  Jon had spent the weekend with his children, relishing the last precious days of freedom before school and tour schedules took over their lives again. 

They had spent Saturday at the Hamptons house, and Jon had taken Jesse, Jake, and Romeo fishing.  Stephanie had stayed in the City with her mother, as her school activities had already begun and she had a Saturday event.  Thus, Jon and Cate had made the trip back to Manhattan late Saturday night with three very tired, very happy boys in the back seat of the Chevelle.

Sunday was for Steph.  She had arrived mid-morning, and over brunch in a SoHo café she and her father made plans for an afternoon movie and shopping.  Jon had been stunned when Stephanie quietly informed him she couldn’t stay for dinner, as she already had plans with a friend. 

A friend named Brendan.

Seeing Jon’s reaction, Cate quickly suggested Stephanie ask Brendan to dinner at the apartment.  She was relieved when Jon’s daughter readily agreed.  A perceptive young woman, Steph had recognized her father’s poorly-disguised disappointment at the idea of their day together being cut short.

Cate had bowed out of Jon and Stephanie’s afternoon plans, making the excuse that she had dinner to plan and a case file to review before her Grand Jury testimony on Monday.  In reality she wanted to give father and daughter a few private hours together. 

Cate knew it was going to be harder than usual for Jon to leave his firstborn, as Steph was starting her last year of high school.  By the time he finished this world tour Jon's daughter would be a young adult, ready to start a life of her own as a college freshman.

Hours later Stephanie had arrived back at the apartment with a handsome if somewhat shaggy young man in tow.  Cate had to fight back a grin when she saw Brendan’s almost uncanny likeness to a certain roguish guitarist.  Jon didn’t miss the resemblance either, and Cate had caught the flicker of panic in his blue eyes as he welcomed his daughter’s guest.

Brendan was a charming, well-mannered, and articulate young man who treated Stephanie with respect and obvious adoration.  As she watched the interaction between the young couple and her husband, Cate couldn’t help but smile.  There was no doubt that Stephanie and Brendan were head-over-heels crazy for each other as only teenagers could be, though they were not overtly affectionate.  She could also see that Jon was unnerved by his daughter’s obvious infatuation with the shaggy, dark-haired man-boy with the mischievous twinkle in his deep brown eyes.

The foursome enjoyed a meal of pasta and salad that Cate had prepared, with a dessert of cannoli from the bakery on the corner.  After dinner, as Jon was helping Cate clear the table, he saw something that made his heart lurch.  While carrying the half-empty salad bowl to the kitchen Jon passed the wall of windows facing out onto the rooftop terrace.  In a shadowed corner of the spacious patio, as far as possible away from the apartment, Stephanie and Brendan were joined in a tight embrace.

At Jon’s loud gasp of surprise Cate’s trained gaze automatically swept over the area, looking for the source of his alarm.  When she spied Steph and Brendan, she looked back to her husband.  Her smile gentled when she saw the color drain from Jon’s face as he gaped at the young couple. 

Cate quickly moved to Jon’s side, taking the salad bowl from his hands before he dropped it.  He hardly noticed as he stared through the glass at the young man who was engaged in a far-less-than-chaste kiss with his only daughter.

“Jon,” Cate commanded quietly.  “Come with me.”

“But...”  Flabbergasted, Jon couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Baby, they’re young.  Give them a break.  They’ve been dying for a moment alone all night.”  Cate reached for her husband’s hand.  “Come on.”  She tugged gently until he dazedly followed her to the kitchen.

By the time Stephanie and Brendan returned from the terrace Jon had pulled it together, but Cate could tell he was still reeling from what he had accidentally witnessed.  The couple retired to the family room with the teenagers, where they talked about school and activities and college plans.  Jon was uncharacteristically subdued, and Cate heard the little hitch in his voice as he asked Stephanie about her upcoming school events.

It wasn’t long before Stephanie and Brendan had to leave, since it was a school night.  Cate called for the car while Jon stood in the living room with the young couple. 

Again showing his respect, Brendan thanked Cate and Jon for their hospitality then excused himself to the outer foyer so Stephanie could say goodbye to her father in private.  Also wanting to give Jon and Steph a moment alone, Cate retreated to the kitchen. 

As she busied herself setting up the coffee maker for the next morning, Cate discretely watched the exchange between Jon and his daughter.  Her heart warmed as she watched Stephanie give Jon a sweet, almost apologetic smile and an extra-long hug.  “Bye Daddy.  I’ll miss you every day,” she said as she kissed his stubbled cheek.

“I’ll miss you too, Princess.”  Jon’s voice was rough with emotion as he hugged her tightly.

“Love you always.”  With that promise Stephanie pulled away from her father’s embrace and turned for the door.  Jon followed her, calling over his shoulder to Cate that he was stepping out to escort Steph to the car.  Knowing Jon would want a little time to himself when he returned, Cate had headed for the den to prepare for her next day’s testimony.

Now here she stood a half-hour later, her heart full as she watched her Superman in his moment of vulnerability.  She chuckled softly as Jon turned a little further to his side in front of the full-length mirror, craning his neck to look at the reflection of his behind.  As he moved Jon spied Cate in the doorway and sheepishly half-smiled.

“Hey you.”  Pushing away from the door frame, Cate wandered over to where Jon stood in front of the mirror.  She stepped up close behind him, sliding her arms around his trim waist.  She molded herself to Jon’s back, the slick fabric of the Soul jersey she wore as a nightshirt caressing his warm skin.  “You okay?”  She dropped a kiss against his shoulder then rested her cheek against the spot, gazing at their reflection.

Jon sighed heavily.  His arms crossed over Cate’s and he tipped his head back against hers.  His sad eyes met hers in the mirror.  “I hate this.”

“Leaving again, you mean.”     

“Yeah.”  Jon stared at their reflection.  “But it’s time to go shake my saggy old ass around the stage for the other half of the world.”  He couldn’t hide the bitter edge to his quiet, resigned tone.

Cate chortled gently, her fingers tracing along the edge of the plush towel wrapped around Jon’s waist.  “Baby, your ass is anything BUT saggy.”  To emphasize her point she pushed her hips forward, pressing her pelvis against his taut glutes.  “In fact, it’s totally not fair that it’s so perfect.”

Jon smiled weakly.  “Thanks, Baby.  But we both know I’m not the young stud I used to be.”

“No,” Cate agreed, tightening her arms around his waist in a gentle hug.  “You are SO much sexier now than you were back in the so-called Glory Days.”

Jon rolled his eyes.  “Oh SURE.”  He sighed and looked back at the mirror.  “Don’t blow sunshine up my ass, Cate.  You remember when I dressed up for you when we were first together?  The leather pants?  The jeans jacket?  The bandana?  You can’t tell me that didn’t turn you on.” 

Cate giggled at the memory of that passionate afternoon in Jon’s rented villa, when he had pulled out all the stops to seduce her.  “Yeah Baby, it was my fantasy come to life, just like you planned.”  She hugged him again, snuggling against his warm, strong back.  “But the reality is SO much better than the fantasy.”

Jon snorted softly but didn’t reply.  Cate watched in the mirror as he dropped his head forward to stare glumly at the floor.  Her heart squeezed at Jon’s forlorn expression.  She knew exactly what he needed.

“Hey.”  Cate squeezed her arms around Jon’s waist again, capturing his attention.  “Listen.”

Jon silently raised his head, gazing at her reflection.  Cate pulled away from his body, then guided Jon with a firm but gentle hand to face the mirror.  Her hands moved to his shoulders, gently caressing as she slid her palms over his smooth skin and down over his arms.

“Stop trying to frisk me, Cate.” Jon half-heartedly grumbled.  The corner of his mouth twitched upward ever so slightly as he remembered the first time they stood in front of a mirror like this, when she was his teacher and he was her student.

“Baby, if I wanted to frisk you I’d already be done.  Don’t you remember anything I taught you?”  Her tease was as gentle as her touch.

“Well stop trying to search me then.  You’re not gonna find anything.  I’m in a fucking towel for fuck’s sake.”

Cate smiled at her husband’s mock-petulance as she trailed her fingertips back up his arms, tracing over his tattoos.  “Hmmm…. As a matter of fact, I do believe I’ve discovered something.  An intoxicant of some sort.”  She nuzzled Jon’s neck, nudging aside several soft strands of honey-toned hair with her nose, and inhaled deeply.  “It seems to have a dizzying effect, mainly on females.” 

Jon snorted at her playful words.  He knew Cate was trying to cheer him up, but he just wasn’t in the mood to focus on his appearance.  It was too damned depressing.  “I used to be young and good-looking,” he parroted sarcastically, throwing out the line he had used so many times.

“And now you’re still good-looking,” Cate purred in his ear, finishing the thought.  One hand moved to Jon’s shaggy hair, her fingers feathering through the soft strands.  “You’re not a boy anymore… you’re ALL man, Baby.  And God knows you have the stamina of a man half your age.”

That elicited a reluctant chuckle from Jon.  Encouraged by his response, Cate continued her gentle tease.  “Let’s see.  What could possibly cause otherwise responsible, mature women to completely lose control of their faculties?  Well, it could be this...”

Cate gently stroked the honey-caramel locks that lay against his neck.  “The hair.  Mmmm…. “  She smirked at Jon’s reflection in the mirror.  “I bet there are a million women out there who are praying you didn’t cut it while you were on break.”  Jon snorted again, trying not to smile at his wife’s attempt to stroke his ego.  His eyes met hers in the mirror, silently inviting her to continue.

She smiled again and reached to his face, her fingers brushing gently from his temple to his cheekbone.  “And these little crinkles… God, they’re sexy.  Especially when you smile.”  Cate paused, hoping she would elicit the expression in response.  But Jon remained stoic, staring morosely at her in the mirror.

Cate trailed her fingers over the soft stubble blanketing Jon’s cheek to trace his full lips.  “And Lordy….” she purred, her voice deepening.  “This mouth.  SO many things it can do.”  Cate smiled seductively.  “The beautiful music that passes these lips.  Baby, that voice of yours…”  She paused for a breathy sigh.  “It can drive women to do naughty, naughty things.”

“Oh yeah?  Like what?”  Jon couldn’t resist challenging her declaration.  He appreciated what his wife was trying to do to snap him out of his funk.  But he just wasn’t ready to let go of his self-pity yet.

Cate grinned at her husband in the mirror, then leaned in to brush her lips against his cheek before breathing in his ear.  “You know.  You’ve watched me.”

Jon felt a little surge in his groin at Cate’s breathy purr.  His wife had been a fan for many years before destiny had brought them together, and he had quickly learned about her fetishes where he was concerned.  He knew all it took was one sultry growl to make her swoon, even after all this time together.  Despite himself he smirked slightly.

Cate chuckled softly at Jon’s response.  He was starting to come around.  She dragged her fingertips over his chin and down Jon’s throat, feeling him involuntarily swallow at her light stroke.  The pressure of her touch increased as she splayed her hand against his skin, palming the firm curve of the top of his pectoral muscle. 

“Mmmm….” Cate hummed throatily.  “And this chest.  So broad and so strong.”  She watched Jon’s face in the mirror as his eyes dropped to the reflection of his torso.  She saw another ghost of a smile flit across his lips as he responded to her words.  Cate inched her hand downward until her fingers brushed over his nipple.  Jon involuntarily sucked in a soft breath at the stimulation, and again he felt a spark of arousal.

“And ohhhhhhh….” Cate breathed the long syllable against Jon’s warm cheek, purposely rubbing her chest against his back.  “These nipples.  They’re always hard and ready.”  Cate grinned as she gently flicked at the little brown nub at the summit of Jon’s round pec.  He gasped loudly, his entire body tensing, and tried to stifle a soft growl.  Cate’s eyes met Jon’s in the mirror and she saw they were a shade darker, moving toward the telltale deep indigo hue of his desire.

Jon remained quiet, but his lips parted slightly as he stared back at Cate in the mirror.  She could read the need in his gaze as he silently implored her to continue, to stroke his ego and soothe his soul as only she could do.

Cate dropped her mouth again to Jon’s warm skin, nipping gently at his shoulder as her other hand slid around his side and up over his ribcage, to cup his other pec.  Jon exhaled softly as Cate brushed over his nipples with her palms before lightening her touch and ruffling her fingers through the thick patch of hair blanketing the twin hard mounds.

“What woman wouldn’t just die to stroke this soft, lush fur?” Cate continued, her voice low and sultry.  “To run her fingers through it…”  She chuckled throatily.  “To feel it against her skin, tickling her bare breasts, making her nipples so hard they ache…”  Cate moved her lips closer to Jon’s ear.  “To taste it under her tongue as she licks the sweat from your chest…”

Another soft rumble came from deep in Jon’s throat as his body tensed.  Cate smirked coyly and dropped a glance downward.  Jon’s towel no longer draped gracefully to the floor.  Instead a slight bulge impeded the fall of the soft terrycloth.  She raised her eyes to meet Jon’s in the mirror and arched a brow before continuing.

Cate’s hands came together at the midline of Jon’s torso as she drew her fingers slowly down the vertical ridge of his abdomen, tracing the line of fur past his navel.  “And this?  Well, Baby…. we don’t call it 'the Pleasure Trail’ for nothin’.”  Cate chortled naughtily as Jon sucked in his stomach and squirmed at the tickle, his beautiful face screwing up into a comical grimace.  Cate giggled at his response, unable to resist wiggling her fingertips against his belly.

“Cate, stop it!” Jon squirmed and twisted in a half-hearted attempt to evade his wife’s gentle torture.  Cate acquiesced with a smile, pulling her hands apart and trailing her fingers to his sides.

Jon clutched at the tuck of his towel as it loosened with his wiggle, the thick terrycloth sliding an inch or two down to the point of his hipbones.  Cate took the opportunity presented by his movement.

“And GOD, these arms….”  She groaned appreciatively as she stroked the corded muscles from wrist to elbow.  “To feel them wrapped around you… to watch them flexing, bracing, pinning you down…”

Another soft growl rumbled from Jon’s throat as he couldn’t stop a little smile at Cate’s words.  She had always had a special fetish for his forearms.  “Oh yeah?  Well, that’s probably the only part of my body that hasn’t gotten flabby. That and maybe my toes.”  Jon tried to sound pitiful as he complained, but couldn’t quite pull it off.

Cate snickered at her husband’s whining.  Now he was just fishing for compliments, prompting her to continue her list of his physical assets.  But she was glad to oblige.  He always cheered her up when she was down; this was her chance to return the favor.

“Well, I don’t feel an ounce of fat here….”  Cate slid her hands around Jon’s sides and downward, pushing at the towel to partially expose his delicious behind.  She curled her fingers against his taut glutes, squeezing gently. 

Cate dropped another kiss onto Jon’s shoulder as she peered over his shoulder at the mirror, her eyes sparkling as she watched his expression in the reflection.  The corners of his mouth were now curled slightly in a reluctant little smile as he gazed back at her.  He relaxed his grasp on the towel, allowing it to loosen and sag toward the floor, sliding down over his hips and the tops of his thighs.  Though his hips were bared, his crotch remained covered by the drape of white terrycloth hanging from his fist.

Cate smirked again at Jon’s faux-modesty.  She dropped her hands from his ass to trace along the edges of the loosely-draped towel, tickling his thighs with her fingertips.  Jon sucked in another breath and cringed slightly at the sensation, watching her hands as they slipped closer to his groin.  He grunted softly when Cate abruptly pulled her hands upward to rest on the points of his hips.

“Oh, and let’s not forget…. The Vee… Mmmm….”  Cate’s silky hum caused another jolt to Jon’s cock.  His eyelids fluttered slightly as Cate sensuously slid her hands downward over the v-shaped ridge formed by his defined obliques,  her hands angling inward as they moved.  Jon’s grip relaxed slightly as he let out a soft groan, the towel slipping further to reveal the thick patch of wiry hair below his navel.

“Hmmm.  The arrow points straight to the Pleasure Patch, doesn’t it?” Cate teased seductively, stopping her hands just at the edges of Jon’s thatch of pubic fur.  “Such a lovely place to play.”  She wiggled her fingers, tangling their tips in the little nest.

Jon snorted softly, even as he smiled at her words.  “Well, it used to be.  Now it’s just getting all gray and sparse.”  There was a hint of bitterness in his sarcasm.

Cate chortled gently.  “Why don’t you let me be the judge of that?”  Her hand slipped over Jon’s, tugging gently at the edge of the fabric he held loosely in his fist.  He let her pull the towel from his grasp and drop it on the floor, uncovering his half-masted cock.

Cate purred melodiously as she gazed at Jon’s fully-nude reflection, her eyes lingering on his stirring manhood.  “Yummy,” she observed, smiling and leaning in to again nibble at Jon’s neck.  “It looks perfectly delicious.”  Cate gently trailed a finger up the underside of his shaft, urging it upright.  With a soft gasp he responded.  She grinned.  “Good boy.  Stand up straight.”

Jon chuckled at Cate’s conversation with his dick.  He half-expected her to wait for a clipped, military “Yes Ma’am!” to emanate from his crotch.  Like it could talk back.

But she didn’t pause.  Instead Cate traced her fingertips around the ridge of his head before encircling his shaft with her hand.  “And look at this.  Mercy, how perfectly you fit into my hand.  You have any idea how many women would KILL to do what I’m doing right now?”  She giggled softly.  “Everybody wants to grab your Disco Stick, Baby.”

“Many have tried.”  Jon couldn’t resist the response as his lips parted in an amused grin.  A throaty laugh rumbled from his chest at his wife’s silly choice of words.  Cate grinned back at him and squeezed, causing Jon’s laugh to strangle with a soft gasp.

“Nope, nothin’ saggy here either,” she observed, stroking him up and down several times before unfisting his erection.  She licked her lips at the sight of his thick, rigid shaft and the tight spheres of his balls, swollen and ready thanks to her touch.

“Yeah, well… not right now, anyway,” Jon begrudgingly agreed.  “Not bad response time for an Old Man, huh?”  He attempted to play the Pity Card again, hoping Cate would continue to stroke his ego along with his cock.

Cate chortled at Jon’s weak attempt to sound pathetic.  Pulling her hands away from his crotch, she peeled herself off Jon’s back and stepped up beside him, facing the mirror.  “Well, if you’re old, then guess I am too.”  Though she tried to sound solemn, she couldn’t hide a twinkle in her sapphire eyes as she stripped the jersey off her body and dropped it on the tile floor beside Jon’s towel.

Jon’s pupils dilated as he took in the sight of Cate’s nude body, reflected in the big mirror beside his.  “Baby, you’re beautiful,” he breathed.  “You’re not old.”

Exactly.  Neither are you, Cate thought.  She sighed dramatically and stepped sideways, in front of Jon.  “But look at me.  Lines on my face…”  She reached up to draw a fingertip across her forehead.  “Wrinkles around my eyes…”  Her hands moved to the tiny crows-feet beside her eyelids.  “And these…”  Cate nodded toward the reflection of her bare breasts in the mirror.  “They’re practically on the floor.  Fucking gravity.”

Jon chuckled and raised his hands, slipping them around Cate’s sides to curl up under her full breasts.  He exhaled softly as he weighed them in his gentle grasp.  “They are not,” he argued.  “They’re right where they should be.”  He gave the warm twin globes a little squeeze.

“Yeah, but…” Cate reached up to cover Jon’s hands with hers.  “They used to be up here.”  She pushed his hands several inches upward, raising her tits toward her collarbone.

Jon laughed aloud at Cate’s declaration, a playful glint in his blue gaze.  “Okay,” he conceded.  “So maybe we’ve both lost a little ground to gravity.”  Jon stepped forward, molding his body against Cate’s as his arms slipped downward to encircle her waist.  “But you’re right.  I guess we’ve been pretty lucky.”

“Lucky, Hell.  We’ve worked our asses off to stay looking this good.”  Cate growled playfully.

Jon laughed again and dropped his chin to rest on Cate’s shoulder.  “True.”  He smiled at their reflection in the mirror.  “Most people our age would be afraid to stand naked in front of a mirror like this.”

“Who says I’m not?” Cate countered, reaching behind her with both hands to grasp Jon’s tight glutes.  She smiled at his soft grunt when she curled her fingertips into his muscles and pulled him tighter against her back.  Cate purred as she felt his hard-on nestle in between her cheeks, twitching with arousal.

“Know what else we’ve never done in front of this mirror?” Jon growled provocatively, turning his head to nuzzle at Cate’s neck.

“Uh huh.”  Cate agreed softly.  She gave him a wicked smirk.  “Sure your ego can take that?  Watching your so-called saggy old body jiggle in the mirror while a hot younger woman fucks you senseless?”

Jon barked out a laugh at her challenge.  “I think I can get past it.”  He nipped playfully at Cate’s shoulder as his hands slid up to pinch at her nipples.  He grinned at her sharp intake of breath.  “C’mere,” he whispered softly in her ear before guiding Cate to turn in his embrace.

Cate did his bidding, then shuffled them both sideways so their bodies were profiled in the huge mirror.  “If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it right,” she declared huskily. “I get to see you, too.”  With a gentle push at Jon’s jaw she urged him to turn his face toward their reflection.

Jon’s gaze met hers in the mirror.  “Yes Ma’am,” he smirked obediently.

Cate gave Jon a sultry look then slithered her body down his, slowly sinking to her knees in front of him.  She chuckled quietly as she regarded Jon’s groin for a moment.  “Okay, so a few silver pubes.  But fuck are they sexy.”  She accented her declaration by burying her face in the thick, wiry nest of hair between Jon’s thighs, exhaling her warm breath against his sensitive skin.

Jon’s fingers twined in Cate’s thick tresses as he watched her in the mirror.  His eyes glowed with passion as they followed the movements of her mouth while she nuzzled and licked her way through his pleasure patch and up the rigid length of his shaft.

“Oh, Baby….” Jon breathed as Cate took him into her mouth, pausing with her lips encircling his swollen head.  Her gaze shifted sideways toward the mirror, flicking momentarily to the reflection of Jon’s enthralled expression before returning to her own image.  She watched herself slowly inch her mouth along Jon’s cock until she fully enveloped him.

“Jesus, Baby….” Jon whispered.  “That’s SO fucking sexy.”

“Mmmm hmmmm…..” Cate hummed, her mouth full of him.  She slowly pulled back, uncovering his length inch by inch as together she and Jon watched in the mirror.

When she released him with a soft sigh, Jon moved.  With a throaty growl he dropped to his knees on the tile, pressing his torso to Cate’s.  They kissed languorously, then Jon pulled away.  Lowering himself to the floor, Jon shifted until he was seated, his legs extended in front of him.

Cate’s lips parted in a soft groan of appreciation as her eyes roved over the magnificence of Jon’s body.  His abs bunched impressively with the curve of his spine as he sat before her, and his luscious cock stood tall and proud in his lap.  “Sweet Hell, Baby,” Cate breathed.  “How could you ever doubt how sexy you are?”

Jon chuckled softly but didn’t reply.  He leaned slightly backward, reaching for Cate’s hand.  With a gentle tug he urged her forward.

Panting softly with anticipation Cate crawled forward, straddling Jon’s legs.  His hands went to her hips as she moved up to his lap.   The wiry hair covering his thighs teased the bare, delicate flesh of hers as she felt the pulsing heat of his cock against her twitching mound.

Jon nodded toward the mirror.  “Watch.”

Cate breathlessly turned her face to their reflection, meeting Jon’s smoldering gaze in the mirror.  They stared at each other for a long minute, then exchanged a sultry smile.  Cate flexed her thighs, raising her hips just enough to align herself with Jon before sinking onto his shaft, inching him inside her with a long, raptured sigh.

Jon stared at the reflection of his cock disappearing into Cate, enthralled by the image’s erotic beauty.  His gaze traveled up her flat abdomen to the rosy flush of her chest.  Long copper tresses streamed down over Cate’s breasts, flowing around the tight islands of her nipples.  His eyes met hers and he smiled.  Her beauty was ageless.

“Lay back,” Cate whispered, pushing gently at Jon’s shoulders.  His hands still on her hips, Jon curled backwards until he was reclining on the cool tile floor, gazing up at Cate.

“Watch,” Cate reminded him, tipping her head toward the mirror.

Jon turned his head to gaze at their reflection, drawing in a deep breath as he watched Cate lean forward over him.  He groaned as he drank in the image of her beautiful breasts swaying with the movement, and of her shimmering mahogany hair spilling forward over her shoulders.  Bracing her arms on the floor beside Jon’s torso, Cate turned her face toward the mirror as well.

Breathlessly Jon and Cate watched as she began to move, slowly at first, rocking forward and back so that Jon’s cock slid in and out, stroking her velvet walls.  Gently he guided her hips, his arms flexing with the slight motion.  Cate growled softly at that gorgeous sight, and sighed at the vision of Jon’s hard chest rising and falling with his increasingly labored breaths.

Christ, Baby… you’re so beautiful…” Jon whispered huskily, his eyes darkening as Cate began to move faster.  “So amazing…”

“And you are so… fucking… sexy…..” Cate purred in response, her eyes swirling sapphire and midnight as her arousal heightened.  With each word she pushed back against Jon’s hips, driving his cock a little deeper inside her.  Jon gasped at the fantastic sensation.

“Oh, Baby… I can’t wait…” Cate declared throatily, flexing her arms and pushing her body up so she sat astride Jon’s hips.  Her fingers curled against his abdomen as she began to pulse on top of him, bouncing on his cock.

“Cate!” Jon yelped, his head involuntarily tipping back against the floor as his eyes fluttered closed.  “Oh, GOD!”

“Baby, watch,” Cate commanded in a breathy gasp.  “Watch us.”

Jon dragged his eyelids open and turned his face to the mirror.  His fingers tightened against Cate’s flesh as he gripped her hips while she rode him.  He felt the fire racing up his legs to his groin, his balls tightening as they jolted with the impact of each bounce. “Oh, CATE!”

His climax imminent, Jon curled his torso upward, raising himself to her body.  His hands left Cate’s hips as he pulled her hard against his chest, mashing her breasts against his muscular pecs.  He gasped as he snapped his gaze back to the mirror, staring at the reflection of himself wrapped around his beautiful lover.

“Oh  JONNY!” Cate gasped as her thighs constricted against his hips and her walls rippled around his cock.  Her exclamation was followed by a long moan as she shuddered her release, flooding over Jon’s lap.  Unable to keep her eyes open, Cate dropped her head back, allowing her glorious hair to tumble down behind her.

Jon held onto Cate as the force of his own eruption nearly rocketed him up off the floor.  He gasped out her name as he struggled to keep his eyes open, not wanting to look away from the incredibly erotic image of the two of them locked in ecstasy.  The sight fueled his release, sending another wave of hot seed surging forth into Cate’s womb.

Cate whimpered softly and pulled her head forward, half-opening her eyes to gaze at the mirror.  She hugged Jon tight, dropping her head against his as she panted and stared at the reflection of their moist, heaving bodies, intimately entwined.

She smiled as her eyes traced over Jon’s body in profile, taking in each twitching muscle, each little ridge and cut and shadow of his perfect form.  “Baby, you are so gorgeous,” she whispered.  “And you always will be.  No matter how old you get.”  She hugged him tightly.  “You’ll always be perfect to me.”

Jon’s heart melted at her words.  He smiled gratefully at the beautiful woman in the mirror.  “That’s all that matters,” he whispered hoarsely.  “As long as you love me.”

Cate and Jon stared at the reflection of their intimacy for another long minute before Jon groaned softly.  “Baby, my back is killing me.  I gotta move.”

Cate giggled softly.  “Okay, maybe you are old.  Well… older.”  She loosened her embrace enough for Jon to ease himself back onto the tile floor, then she lowered herself onto his sweat-slicked chest.  Again the couple looked toward the mirror and shared a smile.

“So… do you understand now, what women see in you?”  Cate’s tease was gentle.  “Why we find you so damned sexy, at any age?”

Jon smirked.  “No.  Show me again.”


Combing her fingers through her damp hair, Cate wandered into the kitchen.  An hour ago she and Jon had finally hauled themselves up off the bathroom floor and stumbled into the shower.  There they stood in a loose embrace, letting the warm massage of the triple showerheads soothe their tired muscles.  Neither doubted that tomorrow their not-so-young bodies would be stiff from screwing on the hard tile floor.

Cate took a glass from the cupboard and half-filled it with water from the refrigerator door.  Sipping at the cool liquid, she turned to look at the huge wall of windows.  She smiled gently as she saw Jon standing in the far corner of the terrace, gazing out over the city.

Setting her glass on the counter, Cate padded to the door and slipped outside.  She shivered in the light chill of the late-summer night as she crossed the patio to where her husband stood.  She could see from his wistful expression that he was thinking about the evening’s earlier events.

“So this is where you ran off to,” Cate observed softly, sliding her arms around Jon’s waist.  He gave her a little smile and turned to enfold her in his arms.  “You okay?”

Jon sighed and turned his face back to the city.  “I hate this.”  He repeated his earlier lament, his voice soft and resigned.  “I feel like I’ve missed so much.  Just yesterday she was my Baby Girl.”

“I know, Baby.”  Cate squeezed her arms around Jon’s waist, hugging him gently.

Jon responded to her gesture, his arms tightening around her.  “I used to be the most important guy in her life,” he observed sadly.

Cate’s heart squeezed at his melancholy tone.  “You still are,” she assured him.  “You always will be.  Of that I’m certain.”  Cate snuggled her cheek against Jon’s chest, listening to his heart beating under her ear. 

“Thanks, Baby.”  Jon sighed heavily.  “Well, at least Brendan seems like a good kid.”

“Yes, he does.  He seems very nice.”  Cate smiled against Jon’s chest as she waited for what she knew was coming.

“You’re gonna run a full background check on him, right?”

“First thing tomorrow, Baby.  Promise.”

Jon hugged her again.  “Good.”


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